Dash makes it easy to quickly gather people across your Slack workspace into a temporary channel, set a deadline, and get things done. Dash is a slash command for Slack that creates channels with expiration dates for groups to have time-boxed discussions.
This is slick. We might give this a try for one of our upcoming launches. :)
@rrhoover Let us know how it goes! (And hi! 👋)
This looks really interesting. We are trying to reduce our reliance on Slack, and this could fit in very well with that. The ability to make Slack channels temporary seems really helpful to force you to only use it when necessary.
@rianvdm Yes, definitely. I really like how a very specific channel purpose + a deadline drives the conversation toward an outcome, then it's done and archived. Making channels temporary actually makes them a lot more focused and effective.
Oh wow. I was thinking about needing something like this just the other day. Will definitely take it for a spin!
@shawnroos would love to know what you think when you do!
Really helpful for war rooms