Waste less time in email with this Mac menubar app

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2015

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I was disappointed to find out after purchasing that this requires me to use Mac Mail (I use Mailbox), especially after purchasing. No sweat over $4, but I wish there was a trial. Also, doesn't look like the emails are properly formatted in some clients? EDIT: Dammit, I've got to stop impulse buying things on ProductHunt before searching the comments for a promo code.
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Every day someone is taking another crack at improving email (just take a look at this collection of email products), so much so I've become jaded. But Dart has potential. I love that it's persistent and easy to access from my Mac's menubar and the canned responses may save me a lot of time responding to folks.
@rrhoover every day someone on producthunt takes a crack at earning a spot in the shrinking menu bar of my mac. I almost need another menu row for all the icons.
@rrhoover @jasonhitchcock Bartender has filled that exact purpose for me. http://www.macbartender.com/
Hey gang! I'm the designer of Dart. Any questions, let me know!
@aexmo What if I'm not using Mail.app, is Dart still for me? (I use Gmail/GApps in Chrome)
First legit use of .email domain suffix?
We have ten promo codes available - first come first served :) follow and tweet @dartemail to grab one we'll dm your code