Darkroom 3

The fastest and most powerful photo editor for iPhone

Darkroom makes it easier and faster than ever to develop the perfect look for your photos. Skip the import process and start editing in our refreshingly simple interface. Make and edit filters with using our powerful yet easy to use Premium Pro Tools.

Darkroom 比 iOS 內建還好用的後製修圖工具 濾鏡與功能豐富、操作順手 - 電腦王阿達雖然 iOS 已經有內建濾鏡以及修圖功能,但用過的人一定都知道,不是很好用,像是要調整光線、顏色等之類的細節時,都要進入第二層選單選擇,而一個調整完後,還要再次進入選單選擇下一個,沒辦法在一個畫面完成所有調整,設計得非常麻煩。而這款 Darkroom 就是一款可以取代 iOS 內建的免費 App,不僅修圖功能豐富,還提供非常多濾鏡效果,另外也預設非常多種常用的裁切比例,16:9、Instagram、甚至橫式電影比例都有,這也是 iOS 內建所沒有的功能。 Darkroom 支援繁體中文介面,剛打開會顯示簡易的教學,有興趣的讀者可以看看。另外還有一頁會詢問要不要購買專業工具,筆者是認為免費版就很夠用了,除非你是專業攝影玩家,才會需要用到曲線、色彩這種進階調整工具: 這款是專職修圖的 App,所以它並不提供相機功能,等於說需要先用 iPhone 內建相機拍完後,再進到這邊修圖。第一步當然就是選擇你要調整的圖片: 修圖工具都集中畫面下方,由左到右分別是:裁切、濾鏡、細節調整、曲線、顏色以及步驟: 裁切除了基本的旋轉,還提供上下以及左右透視,這比較少見。另外也內建非常多常用比例,像是 iPhone 最令人詬病沒有 16:9 的尺寸,這 App 輕鬆幫你裁切: 濾鏡還分成非常多類型,像是 Darkroom、XPRO、Landscapes 等,雖然只有 Darkroom 是免費(其他都需要付費購買),但也高達 12 種選擇,我是認為絕對夠用: 亮度、對比、陰影等之類的細節,在這頁面就能全部調整完,不用像 iOS 內建的要切換來切換去: 曲線與顏色工具需要付費購買: 在最後一個步驟選單,可以查看從修圖開始到現在所有操作過的功能,跟 Photohop 的步驟一樣,如果你覺得最後修改出來的效果不是很好,可以隨時回到過往的任何一個步驟: 調整完後提供兩種輸出方式,覆蓋或是新建,另外也不會有浮水印,這點可以放心: Darkroom 下載連結: https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/darkroom-photo-editor/id953286746 您也許會喜歡: 【隱藏好康】4G吃到飽只要$288 還可以自由配!?
  • Tim Van Damme
    Tim Van DammeDesigner at Dropbox

    It's fast, good filters, powerful manual controls, well-maintained.


    Wish it had a spot healing feature.

    Been using Darkroom ever since the very first beta (personal connection with the developer), and it's been consistently solid. For some things I might open Snapseed (healing, face enhancement, adding grain), but I keep coming back to Darkroom in the end.

    Tim Van Damme has used this product for one year.
  • Gopal Sharma
    Gopal SharmaOrganic Programmer

    Fast. I can edit photos here faster than I can in Lightroom on my Mac.


    Would *love* an iPad version, and what Touch Retouch does.

    I've been using Darkroom for quite a while now, and it is the photo editing app on iOS that I recommend to everyone. This, and Touch Retouch are now the only two photo editing apps left on my phone.

    Gopal Sharma has used this product for one year.
Big big fan of Darkroom 😍. I've ditched Vsco for Darkroom few years ago. No regrets. Simple and powerful. Congrats you did such an amazing job once again! 🔥
@loickm Thank you so much Loïck! Appreciate the kind words :)
Thank you so much for the hunt, Josh. Hello, Product Hunt community! We'll be here all day answering questions. So excited to share all this with you guys! Can't wait to hear what you think!
We asked on Twitter recently if folks were interested in the process of building Darkroom and people seemed to be. What sorts of topics would y'all be interested in hearing more about?
The best app on my phone.
@lukesbeard Don't tell anyone, but you're the best photographer on the app!
I've used Darkroom off and on for the past few years and always loved it. Excited to check out this update. Any chance you'll offer iPad support? I'd love to be using Darkroom to edit on my iPad Pro, which is where I've shifted a lot of my editing (though I still mostly do it on my iPhone).
@matthewmagellan Hi Matthew! Thank you for being a loyal fan of Darkroom. An iPad version of the app is one of the most requested features for us, and it's definitely something we want to do moving forward. However, we want to do it right, and we want to make the Darkroom experience good for photographers who use _both_ an iPhone and an iPad, which we think will be a majority of our users. Before we are able to deliver on that promise, we have to establish a common foundation for a multiple-platform world, and we have to refactor a bunch of internals to make them compatible with said world. The good news is that we've done most of that work with this release, so we're much closer to that world today than we were yesterday. Keep an eye out! The pace of work will pick up dramatically with this update.