Dappy Coin

A fun introduction to cryptocurrencies and Ethereum

Dappy Coin is a semi-decentralized game that acts as an introduction to blockchain, over 30 cryptocurrencies, and utilizing Ethereum. Start as the lowly US dollar and gain points by playing the game to unlock new cryptocurrencies all while learning about each unlocked coin, blockchain, and how Ethereum works and is utilized!

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Hey Product Hunt! My name is Connor and this is my second product launch here on PH. My last product launch was over a year ago, so I am pumped to be back! First things first, because this game utilizes Ethereum, you will want to use Chrome and download the MetaMask extension and make an account (free and takes like 10 seconds). This will allow you to save your progress and use the Ethereum features (saving to the blockchain and purchasing a premium coin for 0.005 ether). *You do not need any Ether to play this game - the core game is completely free!* To help others (and me!) learn more about the cryptocurrency/blockchain space, I decided to build this semi-decentralized game that offers brief introductions to the blockchain, over 30 different cryptocurrencies, and utilizing Ethereum. This game is semi-decentralized because I still store each player's data on a centralized database (there is an option to save your data on Ethereum), but I use Ethereum to allow users to own their 2 most important pieces of data - personal and payment info. So you don't have to give me your name, email, or credit card number because that is all connected to your Ethereum account. In the game (which is basically Flappy Bird with cryptocurrencies and a storyline), you start out as the lowly US Dollar and unlock new cryptocurrencies as you gain points. Every time you unlock a new coin, it gives you a brief description of that coin along with links to help you learn more about the coin and any blockchain concepts the coin utilizes. Whenever you choose to save your data to Ethereum or purchase a premium coin, the game walks you through the steps of utilizing Ethereum (via MetaMask) and explains the terms and concepts. Once the transaction is complete, it gives you a link to see your transaction on the blockchain! I would love to hear your feedback (good or bad) and any questions you may have! Connor V. P.S. All art was done by my roommate - @logan_leiter
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Quick side note: you can use the space bar to play, and if you click the space bar on the 'Game Over' screen it takes you back to the 'Main Menu' and if you click the space bar on the 'Main Menu' screen it starts the game. *So you can just keep clicking space bar to play games faster.*
This is awesome Connor!
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yes it's funny.