Dapp Insight

Analytics for decentralised Ethereum applications

Decentralized Ethereum Applications (dapps) Analytics.

Dappinsight not only lists popular dapps but also reveals the real popularity and usability of popular dapps.

Dappinsight analyzes everything about dapps such as DAU,MAU,Transactions,Volume,Gas Used and also on.

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Hi everyone, maker here :)
Nice product. How does it differ from other dapps-listing websites such as stateofthedapps.com? What features do you plan to include next?
@aviggiano thanks for your kind reply. Unlike stateofthedapps, We are not just listing Dapps, we also shows the real data of dapps such as dau,mau,transaction count and Gas Usage. You can find truely popular dapps by using DappInsight. DappInsight is a bigdata-powered website. We believe that is quite differ from any other dapp-listing websites.
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@aviggiano Would you like to give us some advice? thanks :)
This is a perfect website. I am a graduating college student and I want to make a work like Dappinsight as a graduation assignment. I want to get the number of dapps in the blockchain and the amount of gas consumed by dapp. Need to parse the data in the state root? What should I do? Thanks for your help.

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