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Dapp.com is a space where:

- Everyone can discover what decentralized tech is and how it can transform the world;

- Devs can gain the tools and knowledge to bring innovative tech ideas to market;

- Dapps can be showcased to and reviewed by users;

- Users can discover good and reliable dapps which will add value and ease to their lives.

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Suzette Rollo
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  • Enis Shkurti
    Enis ShkurtiFundition.io - Associate

    Team is so sweet and amazing, they simply make great giveaways for their community. And they are always helpful!


    I do not see any cons for the dapp.com

    Dapp.com is a great platform for the dapps to be listed, soon they will have their token to on the blockchain.

    Enis Shkurti has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    The ranking seems pretty interesting. EOS games are catching up now


    Need to add more steem dapps, maybe?

    It's a beautiful site. Just wondering any dapp tokens coming soon?

    Jun Gong has used this product for one month.