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Dailycast is an app that shows you only the most important news. It's unbiased, trustworthy, and relevant. There are no sponsored stories, there is no algorithm curating you news. The stories on Dailycast are the most noteworthy events happening right now.

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I made Dailycast with two goals - the first to present important, unbiased news very clearly. One story at a time, 10-15 stories a day with no distractions or advertisements. The second goal was I wanted people to understand the news. That’s why key topics are bolded and you can click on them to read their Wikipedia page. The article you’re redirected to is the best and least biased source. Let me know what you think!
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@adambn In a search I saw you made Congress Reveal. From the screen shots, it is very intriguing. Any plans to make this into an Android app, as well?
@uhdedtechguy Unfortunatly not in the near future
If you don't have an advertisment, how will you monetize your product?
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@bitrewards I have no plans to monetize the product
iOS only it seems
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