DailyBot for Microsoft Teams

Automate daily updates and meetings with your remote team

DailyBot is the most advanced bot for automating check-ins, periodic follow-up meetings and standups, it also tracks team motivation. A Swiss knife for Agile Teams and for improving Remote Work and Collaboration. Try it for free.
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I am very happy about that. I use DailyBot in my team and it is amazing.
Howdy there! 🀩 Great news for Remote workers and distributed teams out there! We know how important it is to have highly effective team collaboration, and we know that when you're not together this becomes tricky. Having a team in-sync without the need of having meetings sounds like a dream, yet very necessary! That's why we built DailyBot a few years ago, starting with support for Slack and then Google Chat. Today, we're highly excited to present our new chat integration with Microsoft Teams! Remember Clippy, the smart MS Office assistant? β€” well, Clippy happens to be alive and he's now starting a long term friendship with DailyBot. πŸ“ŽπŸ€πŸ€– πŸ€” HOW CAN A MEETING BE AUTOMATED? You can tell DailyBot how often you want to run, say, your stand-up meetings, or a weekly executive follow-up, or a monthly retrospective. Once you do that, DailyBot will contact your team members when it corresponds, gather information and then share it across your Microsoft Teams' organization channels. Managers and users also have a nice web dashboard to see reports, who is blocked and metrics. 🌎 ASYNCHRONOUS AND REMOTE FRIENDLY DailyBot can adapt to multiple time zones and can manage the schedule and work times of each member of your team. You can use it via chat, so it's comfortable and asynchronous. 🎯 IDENTIFY WHO IS BLOCKED AT WORK DailyBot lets you identify when someone in your team is blocked and needs some help. The reports highlight those blockers, which can easily be tracked from the web dashboard. More than 15.000 teams around the world are using DailyBot. We have strict security measures, are GDPR compliant and don't read your chat conversations. Administrators and user roles are managed inside your web dashboard. Try it for free! On behalf of DailyBot's team, we want to thank you for your support and we appreciate any feedback.
I use DailyBot on Slack, but it's good to know it's on Teams now!