Daily Earnings

All your affiliates earnings in one place

Knowing how much you've earned today shouldn't be a struggle, that's why we've created Daily Earnings - a powerful tool designed for affiliates who want to retrieve all their statistics in a single responsive dashboard.

Compatible with a ton of popular networks including : Peerfly, Clickbank, Clickbooth, Shareasale and 200 others!

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Hi everyone, We are very happy to be on Product Hunt today, special thanks to @bramk for hunting us! When my co-founder Marie and I first started Daily Earnings, our goal was to create a solution for marketing affiliates that would allow them to see their statistics without having to log into multiple accounts on different networks multiple times a day - which is a really time consuming thing to do. We have established great relationships with affiliate networks over the last few months and we want to use these relationships to integrate other tools for affiliates into Daily Earnings over the next year. Our objective is to become a hub for performance marketers around the globe with our upcoming features : offers aggregator, detailed networks pages, verified reviews and many more. I’m excited to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have! Thanks for the support, Hubert
This is a great start - nice work! I manage affiliate programs (on the other end - for merchants/advertisers) and I know tools like this are deeply needed by affiliates. General curiosity leads me to ask: I know alot of OPMs/affiliate managers like me that manage multiple programs on various networks. Pulling together Reporting/Analytics from various platforms is such a manual process. Have you ever considered an affiliate manager version of this? (i.e. - just with the basic revenue, conversion, etc. numbers - to aggregate reports).
@taylorbarr Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes, we've considered creating a version for affiliate managers from the beginning. It's something that we think is missing in the affiliate marketing space. We definitely wish to implement this feature soon! I've followed you on Twitter and hopefully we could eventually talk to know your needs as an affiliate manager when the time comes.