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#3 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2019
Now you can add secure, 1-click video calls that work anywhere to your product with just an <iframe> tag. Plus, our API makes building flexible communication workflows easy, with user permissions, chat, recording, and more.
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Hey everyone! Nina from Daily.co here πŸ‘‹ We love real-time video and our team has been building video calling tools since back when you had to custom encode video for the chipset in the Nokia 6600. We founded our startup, Daily.co, as a bet that WebRTC β€” the web standard for real-time audio, video, and data β€” would take over the world, and that's definitely happening. (Stay tuned for Google's big, not-so-secret, future of game-streaming announcement, at GDC next week.) We launched WebRTC-based hardware for video calls and always-on portals in 2016. In 2017 we opened up the software that powers our hardware to offer free, basic browser calls, with lots of features (recording, dial-in, dual screen-sharing, etc). That was originally limited to just Chrome. Last year we added support for Firefox, Safari, Edge, iOS, and Android. Today we're publicly launching our API πŸ’₯ πŸ˜€ πŸ›  We want it to be super-easy to add video calls to any website or app. Remote work gets more and more popular, and users need tools that let them live and work, and use tools from anywhere. Things like: - Teaching, coaching, and mentoring - Customer support video calls, with automatic recording - Quick, synchronous collaboration on documents - Team and project management - Healthcare - Having fun together The easier it is to embed video calls into your product and to build custom video call workflows, the more cool things people will do with video. You can start prototyping with a single . – Here's a quick-start tutorial, https://www.daily.co/blog/embedd... – And here are the full developer docs, https://docs.daily.co/reference We enable millions of video call minutes each month. We want to see what you do with video! We ship new features every week. Tell us what you'd like to see in the platform. Thanks!
Hi everyone! Just following up on what @ninacali4 said, above ... We've got a limited time Product Hunt deal, for all of you. If you upgrade to a paid API plan within the next week, your first month is free. Upgrade, then ping us and tell us you came from PH. We'll immediately refund the first month's subscription charge.
@ninacali4 thanks, I will definitely try
@svirelkas Thanks, the visual aspect of To Round is awesome. We'd love to hear what you're thinking about. Let us know if you have any feedback ;)
It's been an honor to be apart of this team and help work through our API launch! As the Design Lead for Daily.co I just wanted to echo a few key points that @ninacali4 mentioned above: 1. API calls are UI-ready and work out of the box. Camera/mic controls, responsive layouts, and more all just work. Test out our demo, here: https://daily.co/api/demo 2. Video calls generated with the API work across browsers. That means that Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge (desktop); and iOS Safari and Android Chrome (mobile) are supported. 3. Our API is free to get started 😍 We are very receptive to any feedback, and selfishly, any notes on our UX! Feel free to ask me any questions about our design language and philosophy, here.

The "meeting tokens" that control user permissions/capabilities are cool.


Fastest way to add video calls to a product.


No web hooks, yet.

Congratulation guys! Keep the great work. In Standuply, we already integrated your API to support face-to-face standup meetings. Now, we plan to extend using your awesome API to our new functionality - https://experts.standuply.com. Thank you a lot for the service:)
@artem_borodin Thanks! Standuply is excellent - really pleased the API is useful to you guys.

We're at Standuply.com are using Daily.co services for almost a year and our NPS is 10/10.


Daily.co is an awesome service which is easy to implement and that works out of the box.



Thank you!