Daily Chinese

The simple, effective way to grow your Chinese vocabulary

Daily Chinese is the simplest, most effective way to grow and keep track of your Chinese vocabulary. Our spaced-repetition review system gradually introduces new words each day while ensuring you never forget the words you already know. Start learning today!
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Hey! 👋 I'm a long-time student of Chinese that was dissatisfied with the current crop Chinese vocabulary learning apps. So, I set out to design the simplest tool for growing, preserving, and tracking Chinese vocabulary. Daily Chinese uses spaced repetition to gradually introduce new words each day while ensuring you never forget the words you already know. Practice daily with over 9,000 words to help you learn the basics, pass your test, live or work abroad, prepare for the HSK, master Chinese idioms, and more. The words you learn are added to your vocabulary collection giving you proof of your mastery and a record of your progress. Practice a little every day and master Chinese forever. Let us know what you think!
Such a simple and convenient way Kowsheek & Chris, can’t wait to check it out!
@itsnajeeb It's all been Chris' brainchild! I helped with the technology 🚀
Hi Chris, Looks like a well designed product. I'm trying to access the app in Android but unable to use it. The app hangs at the splash page. Could you please look into the issue?
@balas444 Hey! Thanks for letting us know. Will message you separately to help resolve the issue.
The design is nice (very headspace like) and I like the ease and selection of packs. I’ve used Memrise, ChineseSkill, HelloChinese, and Plecco. In comparison, the spoken words could use a lot of improvement. It would be nice if the characters could be color coordinated on tone — which is helpful for new learners to remember tones. Also, I would like to create my own packs or have the option to select ones based on chapters or popular Chinese textbooks.
@jasongurwin Thanks for your feedback! Definitely planning to add some textbook packs in the near future and potentially the option to create custom packs at some point down the road.
beautiful design and experience overall!