Daily Chinese

The simple, effective way to grow your Chinese vocabulary

Daily Chinese is the simplest, most effective way to grow and keep track of your Chinese vocabulary. Our spaced-repetition review system gradually introduces new words each day while ensuring you never forget the words you already know. Start learning today!
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The word lists themselves are good , but a white board function to allow one to try drawing the character before checking would be great (see Anki). Additionally, the ability to edit cards would be good. Finally, offering the choice of traditional vs simplified characters would be great as well.
@medduggi Hey! Thanks for your feedback and for taking time to check out the app. We'll be adding traditional characters in the near future and will definitely take your other feature suggestions into account.
This is a market I've been interested in for a long time, and I've seen a lot of apps like this. I think for any kind of SRS-related app, the most important question is whether or not there's Anki-interop. Anki's ecosystem is vast, it's extremely powerful and serious learners often have months or *years* of review data in it. Another thing I'd suggest is putting words in context and focusing more on reading. Relying on word-only SRS as a way of learning a language is pretty much a recipe for pain! I've seen people trying it ever since the AJATT blog got popular in the mid 2000s and haven't seen it go well, yet. SRS is great for characters, phonics, etc, though. It's also fine for reviewing words you've actually learned in context (as long as you're still reading and encountering them). Coincidentally, I recorded a video on this exact topic 6 years ago: https://youtu.be/3cjnP6mogEU?t=82
@logicmason Hey Mark, thanks for your feedback. Those are definitely features we plan to look into for the future. I agree with most of your thoughts on SRS. We aim for Daily Chinese to be one of the essential tools in your Chinese language learning toolkit, supplementing a users ability to identify words in context. Our word packs are designed to be practical and resurface words that users see frequently elsewhere, depending on how they using the language. Thanks again for checking it out.