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#3 Product of the DayApril 30, 2019
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Daily is a dev news curator delivering relevant updates to your new tab. It gathers and ranks articles from tens of different sources to help you optimize your time and boost your knowledge.
Made by developers for developers ❤️
  • Pros: 

    Provides interesting articles in a convenient place


    When creating your dashboard you are limited to a small set of options for areas of interest without searching.

    I noticed that some of the tags are not available in the search when they are used in the articles, ie I search for the PHP (it doesn't exist) but then I see articles using the php tag. Overall it is good but I can't filter on all the resources I wanted even though they are (seemingly) available.

    Sam Ayres has used this product for one day.
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  • Eric Berry
    Eric BerryFounder of CodeFund

    Very fast. Only displays topics I'm interested in. Does not track users. Light/Dark themes. Toilet mode (legacy)


    I've been using it for over 8 months and I love it. No cons.

    I use Daily daily. It's a must-have for any developer that wants to stay in the know without being nerd-sniped. Ido and the Daily team have done an incredible job with this extension!

    Eric Berry has used this product for one year.
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Ido Shamun
Ido ShamunMakerPro@idoshamun · Co-Founder, The Elegant Monkeys
Hi PH, ⚡ It's Ido from team Daily 🤓We have a super exciting day ahead of us! For those who don’t already use Daily, it is a new-tab Chrome & Firefox extension that helps developers stay updated with the most relevant dev news. We've built Daily because we, as developers, find ourselves spending a lot of time looking for valuable articles and blog posts. It wastes a lot of time that otherwise could have been used for coding and being productive. We are here to help other devs around the world save time by collecting, ranking and delivering the best dev news out there. And today we’re taking it a step further. 🎤 We've just launched Daily 2.0! 🎉 A completely redeveloped and redesigned version of Daily. It aims to help busy developers rock like never before. 🤘🏿 We value our user community. When we went back to the whiteboard, user feedback was the first thing we turned to. We are proud to announce that Daily 2.0 is: - Much faster 🚀 - Better looking 🎨 - More private 👻 - Highly customizable 🔧 Enough said! Update your version and continue hacking. If you don't have Daily yet, simply install the extension, open a new tab and you’re all set.
Ahmad Awais ⚡
Ahmad Awais ⚡@mrahmadawais · Google Dev Expert / Node.js CommComm
@idoshamun congratulations, I love it.
Al Horwitz
Al Horwitz@al_of_winter · Praying for the north
Really like you design, guys. Nice job!
Tsahi Matsliah
Tsahi MatsliahMaker@tsahi_matsliah
@al_of_winter Thanks! I am happy to hear that.
Denis Shershnev
Denis ShershnevPro@eulerr · Founder & CEO 6nomads.com
You've done a great work @idoshamun ! Good luck!
Ido Shamun
Ido ShamunMakerPro@idoshamun · Co-Founder, The Elegant Monkeys
@eulerr thanks man! one of the best feedbacks :)
Mike Feltman
Mike Feltman@mikefeltman · Web dev
Best start up tab evah! Makes it so easy to stay on top of what's new and keep up with the latest with your favorite tech.
Ido Shamun
Ido ShamunMakerPro@idoshamun · Co-Founder, The Elegant Monkeys
@mikefeltman wow! I am glad to hear it, we will keep it coming :)
Josh Werner
Josh Werner@jshwrnr · Web Developer
I love it, nice work! (Video is super entertaining too, totally sold the product.)
Ido Shamun
Ido ShamunMakerPro@idoshamun · Co-Founder, The Elegant Monkeys
@jshwrnr perfect, thanks for the kind words :) I'm glad you like to video