DaftCloud is a free and wonderful designed SoundCloud App for macOS. Dive into SoundCloud and enjoy the best tunes right on your Mac. So checkout the first version!

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You can’t use this version of the application “DaftCloud” with this version of OS X. You have OS X 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.13 or later.
@andreyazimov Same, why is this app requiring 10.13, @docterd ? 🤔
@andreyazimov I only have a 10.13 MacBook here and a friend reported some issues with at least 10.12. That’s why decided to keep it at 10.13.
@andreyazimov @docterd Restricting 10.12 is a bad move imo, a lot of us decided to not upgrade because of the recent issues on 10.13 😕
@andreyazimov @docterd I join the group. I am on 10.11.6 :(
@andreyazimov @docterd Yeah, there is still serious unsolved issues with High Sierra, so won't be upgrading until it feels safe to do so.
Wow, this is a beautifully designed app that completely fits SoundCloud's style, so props. Aside from the improvements you've already suggested, I'd recommend having it so the "Play" button shows when the song is paused and the pause button shows when the song is playing as aside from the opposite way it currently is. I'll definitely be using this app in place of the site from now on, though :) Oh, and it'd also be cool if there was a little mini floating player you could enable, like in iTunes :)
@thewrongjoshua never could wrap my head around this play/pause thing! :)



- 7 mb

- Contains all main functionalities of soundcloud



Unfortunately I'm still in review in the App Store. Not sure what I will do next with the App, but I welcome feedback. I will probably built in better playback queuing (queue track up next) and better Soundcontrol (AirPlay, 2x support, maybe EQ).
@docterd Yes, would love better queuing control.
@docterd Agreeing with those priorities: better playback queuing (queue track up next), AirPlay, 2x. 😃
@docterd AirPlay would be awesome. 🤘
This is really great work, excited to see it evolve over time! Would love the ability to see stats