1-click web video conferencing with apps and bots

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Coach Wei
  • Coach Wei
    Coach WeiProduct and Coding

    no install to use, literally one click; white board collaboration;


    occasional bugs on some browsers

    we have been using Cyclops every week for many months. It has replaced Google

    Hangout, Skype, GoToMeeting and Webex for us in terms of team collaboration.

    The white board feature is amazing. One team member in Office 1 can do a normal white board. All others in any other location can see and interact with the white board just as if they are all in the same room.

    amazing product.

    Coach Wei has used this product for one year.
  • Basti
    BastiJust the focus do it!

    Great interaction (= working together, not just "meeting") and additional apps like audio transcription.


    navigating user accounts is not that smooth

    Reminds me of the early version of but with real possibilities to work together on projects with your physical whiteboard.

    Basti has used this product for one month.