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👋 Hey Hunters, happy Valentine's day! I'm afraid I am not presenting something you can give as a present to your lovely partner, but a tool to help you grow your business. So, recently I started working at a high growth tech startup. It’s my first experience working for a company that is growing rapidly and I'm seeing from the inside what it looks and feels like. Honestly, it’s a bit surreal and I love it. We have new needs popping up every single day, and we research for new tools that could help us solve these problems. Being funded, the company can afford to purchase the tool we think will help us the most. Also, since it’s not a huge Enterprise, decisions are made quickly. Of course, it’s not the only company in the world that is growing rapidly. There is so much money being raised every single day in the world, it’s ridiculous. San Fransisco, New York, LA, London, Tel Aviv, Singapore. Millions. All these companies are on a mission to increase velocity, and the millions that are raised are spent on employees, offices and paid services. Maybe you have a service that could help! I decided to build CyberLeads in order to create an easy way to stay up to date with all the tech startups that just raised money, instead of manually searching and spending hours of your time on repetitive and mundane tasks. Especially if you are the founder, your time is valuable! By subscribing to CyberLeads, you will receive an email with a list of hundreds of startups that just raised money. I collect the data myself, manually, so it’s not some script that collects garbage. Data includes information about the company, the funding, founders/CEOs/CTOs, available emails, etc. TLDR; 1) Subscribe to CyberLeads (takes about ten seconds) 2) Receive hundreds of leads every month (human collected data) 3) Start reaching out and closing deals For today, launch day, the price is at a special discount, $29/mo, which I believe is a steal! I'm putting my shoes on to go to work now, so I'll be there, nervous as hell, and will try my best to answer to your comments during lunch break! ❤️
Cool concept. I'm not going to pay for it though... If I was a sales rep. focusing on startups then I'd probably pay
@giorgi_kakhiani Yeap, it's for a very specific audience :)
@giorgi_kakhiani @alexandersideris This seems like a fair price to me fwiw
@giorgi_kakhiani @davidkleinsf Thanks David! I personally believe it's too cheap, I even had customers tell me that. Prices will raise next week, but for launch week, it's $29/mo :)
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Very nice user interface!
@yanniks thank you!!!!
I've paid for it purely to see what kind of data I'm going to receive. Would have been great if there was a sample, or even an example of what you're going to receive. **edit** I'm still yet to receive an email from you after payment, I did expect to instantly receive something once I've paid – if not, at least let me know when I'm going to receive something. Wondering how I can get my 29$ back to be honest...
@pete_avey1 Hey Pete, sorry for that, everything went great, you are subscribed! I thought Gumroad sent you an email automatically, but it seems like it did not :( I’m sending you an email with the details right now! :)
@alexandersideris Gumroad did send me an email and the contents was "Spread the word!" with the option to tweet or share. That's all. It's my money so I am a consumer, but as a CX expert, I'm always looking at things from an experience and conversional point of view – the user has paid and received nothing. The website didn't actually show or tell me what I'm paying for, so I paid out of curiosity to see, and still nothing. An automated email, managing customer expectations would work great :-)
@pete_avey1 I like sending the emails manually and personally, but I was in a meeting when you signed up so I got back to you ten minutes later. If you want a refund, let me know I also updated checkout to say when you are going to receive a list of leads, so it’s clearer.
@alex_sideris I'm interested, but before committing I'd love to know what % of the leads have emails? That's one of the key benefits for me.
@alex_sideris @tyreljohnson Hey Tyrel, I don't have a specific percentage to give you but I can offer you a full refund if you are not happy with the list :)