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Cute and quirky goods from all over the world! 🐱🎉


Cute Factory is an online aggregator for all things cute and quirky. A feed of fun products from around the web - from unicorns to avocados.

CF was created by a number of awesome people, all of whom contribute products. Some of us our otterly obsessed with sloths whilst others think avocados are purrrfect for brunch!

The list grows daily!

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Tomek Karwatka
Jackson Living
Stephen Alderman
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  • Pros: 

    None - Does not display products


    Doesn't display any items

    Have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE none of them show any products

    in any category including christmas....maybe just a glitch at the time

    6:06pm 17th of December 2017 (Aust Eastern Standard TIme)

    Stephen Alderman has never used this product.
  • Jackson Living
    Jackson LivingProduct Designer @Finimize

    All of it



    Killing it Matt

    Jackson Living has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    The best products for gifts!



    I love shopping on Cute Factory, I know that if I go online to find one thing i'll end up buying 100 things!

    Caitlin Wiig has used this product for one week.