Customer Service Report for 2017

Report based on 245M customer service conversations

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Filip Jaskólski
Filip JaskólskiMaker@filipjaskolski · Developer, LiveChat
Hi there, you awesome guys! We just released quite a big piece on customer service trends in 2017. It's my fourth time working on this kind of report for LiveChat (read about the first time here: https://developers.livechatinc.c...). Just wanted to drop a few lines on how we did this. Every time we dig through millions of records of statistical data, we feel like explorers in the wild. Huge amounts of numbers need to be filtered, grouped and labeled. Along with Jacob, we keep on building the better and better queries to come up with the raw results. When the basic metrics are ready, Jacob goes on a journey to discover every correlation and nuance within the numbers. Using his tremendous experience and knowledge on customer service, he develops a draft version of the report. Then it's time to polish things up and wrap the whole thing in some nice outfit. Last year, it was the outfit of a reserved and premium businessman (check it out here: This year I tried something fresh and abstract, which ended up as a couple of isometric shapes. With the priceless help of Julia, our Graphic Designer, every piece came together perfectly. If you have any questions, fire away! Aga, our amazing Social Media Ninja, is always waiting for your messages. Cheers!