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@jongold · AI design tools
this is legit the exact 100% actual thing I was looking for *today*. so glad I just checked PH. I've been anti-notifications for forever, but then I realised that without a notification indicator I just procrastinate more by opening social sites to check for them - what I really want is a notification indicator on my menubar so at least I know when I'm going to be wasting my time checking for notifications vs wasting time acting on them. that, + I use FB messenger quite extensively - sucks to be drawn into the FB newsfeed crack experience when you just want to chat with people. a+++++, would buy again.
Scott Kyle
@appden · Creator of Current for Mac
@jongold That makes a lot of sense. I completely agree! Thanks for the positive review! :)
Kevin Xu
@imkevinxu · Hacker @ Stripe
@jongold I use Kill News Feed to hide my news feed
Alexander Horré
@alexhorre · Product, Mynewsdesk
@jongold I agree with Jon. For $1.99, I bought it outright to try it out. First impression? I'll use this every day.
@jongold · AI design tools
@imkevinxu I just moved to Safari with the release of Yosemite -_-