Currency Menu

Discover exchange rates directly from your Mac menu bar

Discover exchange rates directly from your menu.

The perfect companion for travellers and digital nomads.


- Select your preferred main currency

- Monitor as many currencies as you need

- Built in calculator in base of your selected currencies

- Launch at login

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Hey everyone! Last month I decided to join "12 startups in 12 months challenge", so the first official release was, now less than a month after I'm launching my first (ever) macOS application. I'm an active traveller myself and I've struggling with currencies conversion apps a lot, thats why I decided to make this menubar application for MacOS, to check easily the current rate exchange of my preferred currencies and also a built in calculator πŸ˜„ (among other features). Why is paid πŸ’΅? simple, I need to generate some revenue to pay servers/domains/services to continue doing products πŸš€ Any feedback will be appreciated!
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You can change/add currencies from the preferences


Easy to check the most used currencies, no need to go to a browser just open the calculator and that's all! :)


I would love to have it integrated to Slack

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Thank you for the feedback @fransalerno ❀️ Integration with slack is actually a really good idea πŸ‘
Hello!! Now Currency Menu is available for only $0.99 on App Store (, I have 20 promotion codes to get the app for free! reach me on twitter ( if you want one!
Props for honouring MacOS design lang. I'd suggest also supporting the top 10 cryptos. This would give it a point of diff over simply using MacOS spotlight for currency exchange (what I've found myself using these days).
This is such an awesome app i purchased today and i love it !