If cURL and Postman had a baby πŸ‘Ά

curlx is a simple command line HTTP client that keeps track of request history, helps you organize your requests, run and test frequent calls faster and more. Use it just the way you would use curl.
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Hey PH πŸ‘‹ I've always enjoyed the features GUI http clients (eg - Postman) offered like history, collections, ability to share requests etc. But I personally prefer using standard cURL for speed and ease of use. curlx brings the best of both worlds. Under the hood, its just a curl command, so if you are already know how to use curl, then there is nothing new to learn πŸ€“ curlx also provides a rich response - prettified along with response headers πŸ’… It's truly private. Every call is executed and logged locally in your machine. It's open source so feel free to check it out, report bugs, add features etc. Would love to hear your feedback!
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That the json is properly formatted is alone a good enough reason to use. Nice.
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@mscccc Thanks man 😁
awesome shiv!
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@jrdngonen thanks my man πŸ™Œ
Super clean. FYI, `cx` is shared with @cloud66's command line tool belt.
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@joshuapinter Thank you! Ah interesting. I guess in that case if you wish to use both, make sure the `cx` by @cloud66 comes first in $PATH and you can use `curlx` instead of `cx` to use curlx.
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