The visual notes app, now on iPhone!

#4 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2014
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Hey, thanks Grégoire! I'm one of the founders and happy to answer any questions. Really excited for Curator to take the step from iPad only to iPhone. Should make it a lot more useful.
@danielnordh iPhone launch date? :)
@danielnordh ahh nm. Not a clear call to action just fyi. And apologies for not studying the page deeper :)
@danielnordh Awesome to see it going well for you Daniel!
I love the 'Walsheim' from Grilli Type you choose as your typography. How come you choose this one? It's really neat ;)
@s_guigue Well spotted! It's a great font, versatile but with that little extra something. Recommended by our good friends at A Practice for Everyday Life -
@danielnordh Sure! their work is a great source of inspiration for all of us out there right... Curator seems to be sort of an hybrid service. Did you start working on the app with some precise competitor in mind?
@s_guigue It started more out of a frustration around content fragmentation. Images, bookmarks and text notes all end up in different apps by default on iOS, you can't see them together even if they are to do with the same project. Was also very keen to be able to move things around, ordering visual content by date or name doesn't make much sense right? We're now heading in a collaborative, social direction so it's probably aiming more at being a better Pinterest. Faster, cleaner and mobile.
@danielnordh well I also see Curator as some sort of a merging between the todo list and the desktop. It's pretty new in its kind actually. I'm curious to see where it goes!
The iPad version got much love on PH few months ago. Here comes the iPhone version :)
Excited for this release. Lot of the times Im using simply notepad to jot down ideas that spring into my head on a daily basis. I'm a much more creative, visually oriented person.
@m1lesv Thanks Miles. We'll be adding a Share Extension, Collaborative Boards and PDF export soon. Let us know what you'd like to see!
Love the idea and execution. Also, this is how you blog :