Cup of Coffee β˜•οΈ

Get matched via hashtag & emoji in your neighborhood β˜•οΈπŸ‘»πŸΆ

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Hi PH! Happy to take questions! Feel free to send us feedback within the app or here. We are all ears! Thanks @__tosh for adding us. You can shoot us an email as well
This is one of the funkiest apps I've stumbled upon in quite some time. You basically add a profile about yourself using text, hashtags and emojis and get matched with other people using the same/similar ones. Onboarding takes like 50 seconds. Very very simple and super fun concept. A lot of super fun emergent patterns and behavior to observe. Check it out if you want to understand how social networks 'work' in the emerging phase (think first few days of twitter, snapchat et al). πŸ‘ŒπŸŽˆπŸΆβ˜•οΈ
Wow, I'm intrigued! Is there any location based matchups or primarily emoji/hashtag/text match driven?? cc: @jensnikolaus But mad props on the onboarding:
@as_austin @jensnikolaus Thanks! :) The matching works location first - profile second. Profiles are matched if hashtags and emojis do match enough. If you dont have any matches in your city, we go one level up to the county. If there are none there, we go one more up to state level.
Great to see you guys here on PH! I've been using β˜•οΈ since one of the first versions - check it out, it's super cool. The anonymous nature of the app makes it very simple to start a conversation and the matching works pretty good for me. Looking forward to the next iterations!
Looks interesting, sadly I can't try it 😞 - is an Android version planned?
@danielbugl We are a small product team and wanted to get this out quickly to experiment with the concept (within 2 weeks). Doing iOS first is how we usually approach projects, to see if anything sticks. Will keep you posted! :)
@jensnikolaus That's totally understandable. Thanks! Looking forward to it and good luck with the project :)
@jensnikolaus @danielbugl looking forward to Android as well! I loved your product demo in Berlin – Kudos!
@danielbugl We first iterate on the product and once it is in a state where we feel "this is something", then we do an Android version.