Culture Colors

Create color gradients reflecting cultural values & emotions

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Renders a color gradient based off two values in a particular culture. It's based off an infographic from the data visualization website information is beautiful. Link: http://www.informationisbeautifu...
Interesting approach for a color generator!
@bentossell Thanks Ben! I was looking to make a CSS gradient generator and remembered this cool infographic I held onto for years.
This is cool, nice work!
Neat! I really like this 'sentiment' based gradient selector. @gcwelborn how'd you go about doing the research based on culture/emotion color selection?
@sarthakgrover Thanks! I didn't do the research though - the raw data was taken from an infographic on the website information is beautiful. Here's the link: http://www.informationisbeautifu...
@gcwelborn Nice implementation nonetheless!