Digital bias and engagement insights for the workplace

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Cultivate, an AI-assistant for your work communications, helps you understand and improve digital bias and team engagement.

How it works:

1. Cultivate integrates with your work communication platforms like Gmail and Slack

2. Our AI, a mix of machine learning and NLP, learns how you communicate with your team and provides actionable insights

Krishnan Gopalakrishnan
Alo Arro
russell chaney
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  • Alo Arro
    Alo ArroBuilding exceptional teams @Teamscope

    Love the concept - i am sure that similar tools will replace engagement and 360 surveys in the future


    Really complex problem to solve, so would love to get more concise and actionable insight, but moving in the right direction for sure

    I am really looking forward to seeing the tool develop further. I would love to get an objective understanding of my biases, and I expect other team leaders need that as well. I am sure you will get there and I see that you will provide enormous value to team leaders in the future.

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Joseph Freed
Joseph FreedMaker@josephfreed79 · Co-founder at Cultivate
Hi product hunters! We’re excited to be launching our Beta version. With Cultivate, individual users and teams can better understand how they’re communicating at work. By connecting with your written workplace communication platforms (email and chat), Cultivate’s AI can provide you real-time metrics about how you’re communicating with your team and how they’re communicating back to you. Some of the metrics you can see using Cultivate: + Engagement scores - Track your team’s engagement over time and get notified if team members are showing signs of high or low engagement + Team bias reports - See if you’re communicating more positively with members of your team or if you’re showing more attention to certain team members than others Signing up for Cultivate is simple (and currently free while we’re in Beta mode!): - Enter our Signup flow here: - OAuth your Google (and Slack, if you have it) account for work - Create a team from your existing contacts - Get real-time analytics about your workplace communication patterns with that team We hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! - Joe