A better way to request for songs at a party πŸŽ‰

The concept is simple: songs with more upvotes play sooner!

Cue is powered by the Spotify API, which means it is easy to request your favorite songs. Guests are shown a list of song requests and given the opportunity to make new requests or upvote the ones they like best. CueBot manages the playback.

Available on the App Store now!

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Nice app! Congrats @jordanloeser! I couldn't test it as I don't have an iPhone. It seems like some other products are trying to solve the same problems as Cue but the biggest problem is making the guests download an app / register on a website. Another thing happens a lot, at some time during the party everyone adds a song, then everybody forget it and the queue gets empty. Do you auto-play new tracks if the queue is empty like Spotify does?
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@geekuillaume Great point! Cue leverages Spotify's default algorithm to continue playing similar tracks even after the queue is empty, so the music will keep playing.
This started as a personal project to explore React Native and the Spotify API, but has turned into so much more! I am excited to get some more feedback as I launch this Cue in the wild.
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@jordanloeser Hey Jordan, this app looks brilliant on the surface, but I cannot get it to work. There are two problems: 1) The app cannot be used because it crashes - Once I host an event, the app always crashes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the crashes keep coming back after I create a new event. Here's what I see:
2) It seems that CueBot is supposed to be creating a playlist with the title of the event I host. Once I create an event and then see the instruction to play the playlist in the Spotify app, opening Spotify reveals that no such playlist exists. Even force quitting and reopening the app doesn't cause them to show up. However, the playlists are showing up on the Spotify for Desktop app on my computer. I suppose this is a Spotify caching issue, but I figured I'd mention the problem nonetheless. I'm running on iOS 12.1.2 on an iPhone 7 Plus.
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@magnuson Thanks for your thorough review! I have been out of the country for school but I am hoping to look more in depth into your first issue soon. In regards to the second issue, this seems to be an occasional delay with the Spotify cache as you mentioned. For most users force quitting and re-opening the Spotify app will do the trick, but occasionally it is more stubborn.
Excited to test this out when I comes to Android! Which if you're using React Native, I'm guessing won't be too long? As others have said, downloading an app might be a barrier of entry for users. Maybe consider translating it into a React web app down the road as well? P.S. The songs you've got in the landing page animation look like a dope playlist.
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@mikeyg1014 Thanks for the feedback Mike! I am hoping to have a quick transition to android once I iron out the iOS version. I originally created Cue as a native app just for the sake of practice, but I think the concept would transfer well to web and I would love to explore that in the future. P.S. Thank you! It's from one of the playlists I listened to a lot when I was developing:
It keeps closings over and over 😞
@kev_aguirre Sorry to hear that Kevin! I am working on fixing this, but in the meantime this issue can be fixed for most users by deleting and reinstalling the app.

Please add a web version of user to quickly request songs and a shareable URL option


App concept is fantastic however...


Constantly crashes, still in Beta so understandable.