Your assistant to stop smoking

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Cue is your assistant to stop smoking

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JD Chibuk
JD ChibukMaker@jd_chibuk · founder at, arts + science
Hi everyone, we built Cue to help ourselves overcome smoking. After encouraging initial pilots, we are inviting users to join the growing community of 1000's of people. We built Cue for ourselves, using our expertise in machine learning for sensor data (at we sell our software to large companies that make sensors). How Cue works: - Cue helps you stop smoking and get rewarded for it. - Track when you smoke and collect points for waiting. - Stop at your own pace using machine learning that adjusts to your life situations. - Get support from friends and family on your journey to stop smoking. Cue is there to help you get healthier and wealthier as you stop smoking. Some quotes from our community: “I used Cue for just four weeks and it was amazing—it decreased my urge to smoke, and helped me stop,” said Dallas Minchue, Cue user. “The reward system really helped get my mind off of taking a cigarette break, since I was working towards both the reward and ultimately kicking my smoking all together.” "After 24 years of smoking, this has been the only thing to help thus far.” "Cue is a helpful app because it provides positive reinforcement that rewards delaying my next cigarette" "I would share this with anyone needing help to quit for good” “After several failed attempts to stop smoking, I asked myself a simple question: What if there was an always-on, AI-powered personal assistant whose single mission was to help me overcome smoking?” says Kiwi Cofounder/CEO Ali Nawab It's available in app store: playstore: