Cuddle Clones

Custom stuffed animals based on your pet!

#5 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2014

Cuddle Clones is the company that will create a handmade stuffed copy of your loved pet so you can have the possibility to hug it whenever you want, wherever you are and your pet is not around. If you are a real pet lover you will appreciate the fact that a small amount of the cost of your Cuddle Clone will go for a pet charity.

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This is similar to Budsies (, which takes children's (or adults if your into that) drawings and creates a stuffed toy from it. This would make a great gift for a pet-owning girlfriend (or my dog-loving buddy, @carlobff).
I like that craftsmanship applies to non-traditional products. We think of stuffed animals as being cheap and mass produced and here they are taking pride in this craft.
My birthday's coming up. Make it so.
@carlobff How about I get you one, and you get me one... and then we can each look at ourselves in the mirror every morning :)
@sandimac that's way better than my current plan (take a shot of whiskey and cry in the shower). You're a genius.
Too cool. Attention to each detail like left ear vs right ear is great.