CUCU Covers

Fresh stick-on covers for bank cards

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CUCU Covers are temporary and replaceable covers that stick to your existing bank card. They come in over 300+ original designs from artists across the world. Pick a design, stick it on, replace whenever you want.

  • Joel Glavany
    Joel GlavanyPretty Boy on the rise

    I can customize my bank card the way I want to!! so many cool designs!!! big fan of the product since I first heard about it on KickStarter!


    No Cons on a product like this!

    My bank card is definitely more stylish than my friends but it wont be for long because they will know about CUCU Covers!

    Joel Glavany has used this product for one week.
  • Owen Osinde
    Owen OsindeFounder & CEO, Sneakerdeck

    This is such a fun and simple idea! I'm going to get some for all my favourite sports teams!


    No cons

    I've used CUCU covers for two of my cards and it's always been a conversation starter.

    Owen Osinde has used this product for one month.
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Seth Kerr
Seth Kerr@thesethkerr · CTO @ Oak Technology Solutions
Card customization is so underrated these days. Personalized cards is the way to go. Would be cool if there was a way you could translate the images to the digital cards in mobile wallets.
DpakMaker@lifeasdpak · Brand @ CUCU
@thesethkerr oh that's interesting, will look into that! Thanks Seth
DpakMaker@lifeasdpak · Brand @ CUCU
Hi PH Community! I'm the maker of CUCU Covers. Thanks for hunting our product. I was tired of looking at solids on my bank cards all the time and wanted to personalize them just as I would personalize my phone or wallet etc. I searched and searched to find a quick and easy solution but was left with nothing. So I decided to create some for myself and have been using them on my cards for the past few months. The reactions have been so overwhelming and every-time people asked me where they could purchase one. After months of hesitation and research, I finally launched the idea on Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago and now we're fully funded with still a few weeks to go! For the PH community, we'll be giving a FREE Product Hunt Cat cover with a minimum pledge of $9. As soon as you back, send us a message saying "I found this on Product Hunt". Feel free to ask any questions. This is my first consumer product so really excited for the journey and to share everything I've learned. Thanks, Deepak
Mohd Fikri Alif
Mohd Fikri Alif@mohd_fikri_alif
how many days the product will arrive to malaysia??