An open source analytics framework πŸ“Š

Cube.js is an open-source, modular framework for building analytics into your web apps. You can use Cube.js for internal business intelligence tools, or customer-facing analytics.
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18 Reviews4.7/5
We're building our analytics infrastructure at on top of Cube.js, using BigQuery, Postgres and MySQL as datasources and it's great! Built-in security contexts feature helped us to integrate Cube.js with our role based access control model with ease.
@landyrev Nice! Great to hear that!
I've been a customer of their BI tool Statsbot for about a year now (and a free user for a while before that). Now building with Cube.js β€”Β can't say enough great things. Everyone our team is able to make data-informed decisions and in-depth queries, without any additional technical resources.
We are building our product's next generation version which is complete re-architectured and we are aiming to offer nothing less than expected to our customer. The reporting and analysis was one of such area which needed major focus and complete new approach. Developing everything from scratch was an option but when we found CubeJS in its early days we chose to try it out but were not sure of its capabilities. More we went in deep we found it not only a perfect match but also flexible enough to be embedded in our platform. It helped us to build very robust analytical capabilities in our offerings. We are using CubeJS with our mongoDB Atlas cluster for a multi-tenant SaaS solution and it was not tough to integrate cubeJS with our multi-tenant approach including our standard OAuth 2.0 Authentication also - thanks to built in security context feature.
@krunalsabnis Thank you! We're proud to have such Cube.js use case!
Super excited to see Cube.js launching here! We're building on top of it and it's been a perfect solution for our analytics features! The team is responsive, documentation is easily consumable, and their blog posts are thorough. Looking forward to seeing it's continued progressions!
@rogilbert215 Thank you! So cool to see very different industries of Cube.js adoption. Very excited!
We're building an analytics platform in the field of financial services on top of Cube.js and we are more than happy with our descision! The support of the team is outstanding. The documentation is extensive and the samples and docker images are great sources for getting started. The one of main reasons why we decided to go with Cube.js was the security contexts feature, that made it easy to integrate with our existing multi-tenant solution. But most importantly our dev team loves to work with Cube.js, and we are faster than every in delivering analytics features to our customers.
CubeJS is amazing and easy to use framework. I used it for creating my fairly complex and dynamic analytics dashboard and it really went well. You probably wanna use it as a microservice, considering the fact that it already has everything you need for integration with your app. Pros: - good integration with front-end frameworks (I used it with Vue); - out of the box you have all the graph-building tools, which eliminates all dirty and redundant job for you; - super-super straight-forward query builder - building fairly complex queries was just easy; - contributors and creators of CubeJS actually helped me a lot with questions I had on their Slack channel; - decent documentation. Cons: - couldn't think of any... hopefully, we'll see more community support and more detailed documentation in future, as the framework continues to grow and spread.
@porti Thanks for very detailed review! Very much appreciated!