Cuanto 2

Digitizing the Dominican Republic

The first Dominican converter wit an evolving vision to digitize a nation. Join the community of over 12 million people who call paradise home or just that.

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Hey PH! My name is Ariel 👋🏽 I developed Cuanto last year as a side project after being inspired to learn code and draw inspirations from other great builders on here. The end result became the first Dominican currency converter. After over a year of continuous iterations, I am pleased and confident enough to say that (with growing effort) Cuanto will lead the digitalization of the Dominican Republic. I am currently in the genesis of creating a P2P payment system that can be used in paradise. I’m sure I will get a few questions around the validity of this, so i’ll just address some of those here: Are you crazy? Yes, but I believe in making really cool shit for the internet while trying to foster innovation to my country 🇩🇴 What does Cuanto offer that Google can’t? Cuanto was fully developed and launched solely for the niche Dominican market and the millions of tourists that love visiting. Using Google would simply require internet connection that is not always available. Does Cuanto use an API? Not yet. All Dominican Peso (RD$) rates displayed on the footer are updated monthly via in-app updates. What can digitalization of the Dominican Republic bring? With the recent emergence of new business models, we are seeing neighboring African countries leapfrogging older technologies to create digitally enabled solutions for local populations. The convergence of social, political and economic factors—including a high demand for basic unmet public services, the spread of smartphones and broadband access—the global growth of the digital economy can make the Dominican Republic a center for development innovation in the Caribbean. What is the future of the Dominican Peso? Inflation for sure, but other than that it's tough to tell. Consider this though: Mobile money can mitigate the risks associated with traveling with large sums of cash that are often catalysts for crime and corruption. Is Cuanto being funded? No, but we would love to get in contact with leaders, creatives, educators, philanthropists and investors to continue growing as a company in a utopian effort to make paradise a hub for innovation in the Caribbean. Please feel free to leave any comments! P.S. Many thanks to Max Hellerstein, a brother and hunter!