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This might stretch the definition of product but it's highly relevant to the PH audience. According to @sama, the classes will be made available online. I'm bias but I'm glad to see YC offering more education and resources outside of the program. The team is beefing up and I hear they have more new things coming down the pipe. :)
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@rrhoover it'd be awesome to see them package in a broader set of curriculum material for use by professors at other colleges
Hey guys! I'll be running a lot of the logistics of the course, including coordinating some of the local groups. Never thought a site I threw together on bootstrap might make it to the top of PH! @alexcusack hit me up at pulak@ycombinator.com - would love to work with you!
Subscribe to this YouTube channel for all the video lectures. First one already posted: https://www.youtube.com/channel/...
Amazing group of guest speakers. Especially looking forward to: all of them.
class looks incredible - would have loved to have taken it. only thing i gotta ask - where's the lesson on building community? cc @DavidSpinks
@eriktorenberg good call, I could definitely see how that would fit in there nicely. Building your initial community, beta groups, collecting feedback, etc. Some of this looks like it will touch on community but no dedicated lessons on it.
@eriktorenberg @andrewchen's new lecture series on growth seems to fit the bill: http://andrewchen.co/lecture-ser...