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Hi Product Hunters & Lovers! My name is Adriaan and I created CryptoTeams. I have been following the crypto and blockchain space for a while and I noticed, with all the new awesome companies launching, I wasn't able to keep track of them all. I have a bunch of projects I really like and losing them in the media storm is something I wanted to fix. So I build CryptoTeams. We have some really amazing updates coming up and some really experienced people joining. So, keep tuned :) I have a little 'Christmas gift' for all the die hard product hunters! We are giving away 50 premium memberships for free. Just follow this link: Let me know if you have any questions or remarks and I will get back to you. Hope you like it! Adriaan
@88media Hey Adriaan, a lot of similarities in design with by Coincidence?
@ipears Hi Jan, I know cryptopanic and discovered them while I was working on it. There are some similarities, especially how the coin-tickers are shown in the feed. I also got inspired by Discord's color scheme :) And there is another project with some similarities. I also like the way etherdelta (and others) show the modules/blocks.
The world of Crypto is huge, but in order to be able to win through consistently, it is MUST to stay ahead of others plus to be sharp enough to face up any situation. But all this works only IF you have a source that you could rely upon. That is exactly what I have figured out in Cryptonewstrends (, it is really the way to keep up with the LATEST of the crypto market. So, now be ahead of others through this creation, which is as good as it gets!