A 1000x1000 pixel canvas stored on the Ethereum blockchain

CryptoPaint is a 1000x1000 pixel canvas which lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Not sure why I'd pay $1.30 to place a pixel.... Please explain the thought process behind this.


You can draw


You have to pay to place a pixel...

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Yeah...but why? lol
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@phillipprado I think it's interesting to use Ethereum's blockchain for purposes other than tracking assets, tokens, currencies, etc. This is an attempt to explore that idea. Also, a problem that arose with Reddit's r/Place, which this is heavily influenced by, is botting. Ethereum's gas fee makes abuse by bots expensive for attackers.
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@capable_monkey Ok that's actually pretty cool. I admire that
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Thanks for hunting @capable_monkey please tell us more about this project; why did you start working on it? What are your future plans for it? Thanks
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@abadesi This is intended to be an example of how the Ethereum blockchain can be used to facilitate creativity and expression. Ethereum doesn’t have to only be about ICOs and the ownership of virtual assets.
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What do users get from this? :)
@kydyzyx they get to participate in a global piece of art! Each and every change is stored on the blockchain, which means the history of this ever-changing painting cannot be edited or censored. When you set a pixel, your change is published to the decentralized Ethereum network and eventually stored on thousands of computers around the world where it will remain forever.
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@capable_monkey That sounds really cool actually :D