A search engine of cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities

Cryptomeet gathers information from 19 exchanges and tracks more than 14 thousand cryptocurrency pairs. Our tool undertakes the most part of routine operations connected with search and analysis of arbitrage opportunities.

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Hey Hunters! Cryptomeet is MVP so far, however it already offers one of the widest sets of markets and cryptocurrency pairs. Service is completely free. Our additional features: • The transactional fees are specified at most markets and currency pairs. • An indication of the number of deals in the last hour allows evaluating the depth of an arbitrage window and this way to be convinced that the difference of cost of currencies can bring real profit. • The user may choose how to range opportunities of his interest. For this purpose there are filters by all important parameters: the exchanges, the number of transactions and spread. In the nearest updates of service, there will be notification messages on the exposed filters (currencies, exchanges, volumes) and monitoring of opportunities of three currencies (so-called arbitrage triangles). This will expand the number of possible favorable trades as far as simplifying the search for a suitable deal for the specific trader. Feel free to ask any questions and suggestions! Have a wonderful day!
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@ruslan_sharapov Hi! Nice work! What else are you planning to add?
@rlvl hi and many thanks! In further plans – a creation of a trade bot to automate all the process from the search of interesting opportunity to trade; besides in the future - mobile applications for iOS and Android is planned.
Awesome, I was loking for something similar for a long time! thanks!
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@bogdan_bovykin thanks! I hope our tool will be useful for you
Great tool! I'm looking forward to new features. When are you going to add an arbitrage bot?
@new_user_7306e69fe1 hi Dmitry! We are doing best of us to release this feature by the end of year.