Price tracking app for bitcoin and altcoins

CryptoMarket is an app that allows you to track the soaring price of bitcoin with features like ICO tracking, 32 currencies and portfolio tracking, you will always be able to make informed decisions about your cryptocurrency holdings. Available on iOS and Android for a limited time offer of USD $1.99

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Is it possible to add a transaction to a portfolio and choose a 0 price (like someone giving you bitcoin, or earning some). Also is it possible to choose any other coin/fiat with which you made the transaction? So let's say you have some BTC, and get some ETH, can you deduct the transaction from the BTC portfolio?
@tacoold Hey, let's have a chat about this. I am not sure I fully understand but keen to work on it if you think it would be useful. Send me an email at @ and we can make it happen :D
@tacoold I agree with Taco's concerns. I currently use Bitfolio and would absolutely switch to Cryptomarket if the holding management was a bit smarter. Amazing UI design though! Really intuitive.
@tacoold @arvinallen Coming out in next version will be available around xmas :)