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In a world full of noise, the quality voices are not always the ones being heard. Sometimes the malicious voices find themselves with the highest degree of influence. This is especially true within the online world of Blockchain Technology, where YouTube scammers sound completely legitimate. So, whom should you listen too?

We scoured through the best online crypto communities and found that there does seems to be a vague consensus on which YouTubers are good & which are bad. However, up until now, there wasn’t any resource that allowed this consensus to be collected, organized, and broadcasted to the world. Thus, this is how CryptoInfluence came to be! is a platform where users can find the world’s top influencers and worst scammers within the crypto youtube community. Users can view their audience demographics and performance statistics, while also upvoting any of the listed influencers they feel add value to the community! Users can also report scammers, and post upcoming events & projects that they wished to have vetted for legitimacy.

CryptoInfluence is the first site dedicated to helping the crypto community become better, stronger, and safer place to navigate! If you are new to the crypto space, then this is the first place you should go. It is safe place to take your very first step into the crypto community!

Keep in mind that this technology can be used for any category of influencer. Whether that be gaming, technology, or beauty. is just a prototype of how an influencer community website could look like. You will be able to create your own community page in the future.

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Hello! I’m Heidi, the CEO and founder of Thank you so much for supporting us. Today we are proudly launching, a community website where users can upvote their favorite crypto influencers just like product hunt! is designed to be a community platform where people can discover quality crypto influencers to follow while simultaneously being made aware of the scammers & spammers to avoid! The algorithm that drives the rankings are provided by an AI the analyzes an influencer’s performance statistics (average views, engagement percentage, etc.) in real-time. This algorithm can be influenced by our upvote system, which allows fans to upvote the influencers that they feel provide the best content to the community! We believe that the majority of the world receives their Cryptocurrency education via YouTube. Following a standard Google Search on Blockchain Technology your “average joe” is much more likely to visit YouTube where they can hear the tech explained to them in 5 minutes of less, from a relatable person using words that they understand. This of course in contrast to the alternative, which would be to read a bunch of boring articles using complex terminology that they do not yet comprehend. This makes YouTube the most influential platform for the Mass Adoption of blockchain technology! An event that MUST happen, in order for Crypto Industry to achieve its full potential! However, when dealing with something as volatile as people’s finances, it is very important that they follow quality YouTubers who not only know what they are talking about, but also have their viewers best interests in mind. Our team has worked very hard for this launch and would love to educate you about the importance of community within the crypto world. Please let us know if you like what you see, and also what we can do to improve. : D If you like the site, make sure you invite your friends to upvote for us! Best, Heidi
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@heidihanyu Congrats on launch! How do you maintain the quality and ensure you're not supporting people who promote scams or give false info?
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@heidihanyu @abadesi When it comes to "what is scammy" our algorithm has certain things it looks for and causes our AI to flag for review. Such as a sudden amount of unsusbcribes or dislikes when compared to their average. However, the most important data when determining who goes on the scam list, and who goes to the quality list is provided by the fans. Their upvotes, and scam reports allow us to vet the profiles on a massive scale!
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Cool product! Btw loved the video LOL
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Perhaps the most overlooked facets of the tech/crypto industry is that all of the developers and investors forget that not everybody lives in New York or San Francisco. In order for anything to truly reach its peak it must enter "Mass Adoption." This is to say that the entire world must use it. Smart Phones & Apps are a perfect example of this. In the case of Cryptocurrency/Blockchain the majority of the world get's their education from YouTube. Your average joe working in Omaha Nebraska gets off work, turns on the TV and starts hearing terms like Bitcoin or Ethereum and he wonders what that is. So they Google it, and are then presented with two options: 1. Read a bunch of articles using terminology they do not yet understand. 2. Watch a YouTube video that explains cryptocurrency in words they understand from a relatable person in 5 minutes or less. ...they are going to choose #2 every time. Unfortunately, without any prior knowledge of the subject, many of them are watching YouTubers who have malicious intent. They are scammers, or simply have no idea what they are talking about. As a result many people are losing their money! That in of itself is a shame, but it also hurts mass adoption. If the majority of the world (who does not live in large cities) only experience of cryptocurrency are through the horror stories of families losing their income to scammers...well...that put the breaks on mass adoption and creates blockage for the Crypto Industry as a whole. Sites like CryptoInfluence are tackling the problem head on, a problem nobody else seems to even realize exists yet. They are preventing people from being scammed, and helping further the progress of mass adoption. Fantastic Product! Godspeed!
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By highlighting the scammers, and driving new users to learn their crypto education from quality crypto enthusiasts, CryptoInfluence is helping further Mass Adoption of blockchain technology! Great site, that tackles a highly overlooked and underestimated problem!


Lets the common person find awesome YouTubers to subscribe to so that they can educate themselves on crypto properly.


Not sure the influencers on the site are made aware they are listed. They should, because the site is awesome.

Looks interesting! How exactly do you select the influencers that you list?
@rlvl great question, actually we have a very detail explain on our site: Hope it help.