Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news and education via FB Chatbot

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Hi All, I've created Cryptohawk Facebook Messenger Chatbot mainly for myself since I was tired of visiting many cryptocurrency/blockchain/bitcoin/Ethereum/ICOs websites all day long to get the latest news. Because of the latest Crypto Craze, a lot of people became interested in the blockchain world but yet not a lot even know what blockchain means. So since I was going to build it anyway, I've decided to add to CryptoHawk an educational part as well as news alerts part. I believe that CryptoHawk can explain pretty easily to every n00b of blockchain, what is what and why all this craze and hype are happening. I would love to hear your feedback and advice about how to make CryptoHawk better!
@ehevich nice work with this :) Would be great to see the price in the chat itself instead of going to coindesk page. Btw, we created a bot sometime back to explain bitcoin in layman terms -
Hey @jindalish, this is in the works as one of the first upgrades. You are not the first that requested it:)
💥💥NEW FEATURES💥💥 Some exciting news guys and gals. We have been working hard and are happy to report that we have: 1) Added the ability to buy / sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin 2) Added Litecoin real time pricing So check it out!
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Hey Guys, We have made many updates to Cryptohawk over the past weekend. Now you can check current coin prices in real time and have any type of crypto coin converted to other coin or fiat currency calculator all inside the bot! More exciting features are coming!