Design custom cryptocurrency gift cards

Our main goal is to create products that help spread the bitcoin network - what better way than to begin the discussion about bitcoin than to gift some?

Cryptogift allows people to create custom cryptocurrency gift cards on a platform that captures no data and never has access to any private keys. Feel safe and secure when sharing the love.

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I really like the idea of this site. Making nice giftcards for friends and family to give them cryptocurrency. However. I would NEVER enter a private key on a website. That's a bad idea.
@tacoold Everything is generated on client-side through canvas. No data being sent to any server. We use canvas to generate the cards. Check the Network calls while you are creating the card and you'll confirm this! You can also create the card and add the QR later :)
@jalmeida that may be true but it’s still not a good idea, if anything you should address it on the site and I’ve even seen wallet generators point out disconnecting your network, generating the wallet and then closing the browser
@twalling Thanks for your feedback, we will definitely look for better solutions to address this communication problem. We tell on homepage that we have no access to any data. Also bellow the Private Key input we have a disclaimer explaining that no data is sent anywhere and everything works on the user's browser. In fact, if you are still not convinced, you can still use the card generator and add later the QR code.
@jalmeida hey I love the card and the designs but it doesn’t matter what you say on the site, pasting your private wallet key on any site is a horrible habit to develop. I’m a developer so I can easily inspect this, disable my network, etc and I will make one. What if someone else makes a cool site to generate these and also has you paste them in, yet they send them off and store them? We’re simply pointing out it’s a bad idea to ever do this as a user.
@twalling Thanks for your response. As alternative you can always generate the card without the QR and input later when you export it. Just leave the field empty.
Cool idea, unfortunately really dangerous and something I'd never do. Someone could just as easily start and then steal everyone's private keys doing the exact same thing.
@izzydoesizzy Hello Izzy, we take security seriously. That’s why you can also generate your card without inputting your Private Key or you can connect off internet while using our generator. Everything works with your browser :)
i was just talking to @aprilolanoff about this. GENIUS!
awesome idea! is it open source? assuming this is running javascript client-side to keep keys safe? can you key creation offline by downloading the website code? gifting my family crypto paper wallets this year, i think your product is going help a lot of people. good work
@jashpetty Hello Josh, we don't create wallets in our website. We just provide a way to convert a private key into a QR code. All this process is generated purely on the client side, thus you can even generate your card while offline! If you want to add the QR code later to your card, you can just leave the 'Private Key' input empty.