Buy and sell twitter data linked token with Ethereum

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CryptoFollowers is simple DApp game with Ethereum Blockchain.

When CryptoFollowers tokens that you own are sold or when you receive a reward for various events or the ranking, the payment will be completed through ethereum.

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There has been an array of ICOs this year and the credit goes to an exponential hike in BTC’s value last year which led to a mass adoption of cryptos. New ideas are hitting the market every second day and CryptoFollowers is quite a unique one in this dimension. The niche it covers is not out of the blue, but the way it offers incentives provides a great potential to monetize your portfolio. The whitepaper of CryptoFollowers calls it a Dapp game - just to make it clear, they intend to dish out the sense of a social media related (event-driven) game. Here is how it works: ・User A requests the platform for the purchase of a token (through an interface) ・After considering the request, the platform awards the requested tokens to the potential investor ・Now that a particular number of tokens have been issued to person A, the individual happens to be the OWNER of the coins under the possession ・Let’s say another user (person B) now requests the purchase of tokens and person A has also allowed CryptoFollowers to list coins (currently under his ownership) for finding a suitable buyer ・A smart contract will change the ownership of coins from person A’s possession to person B ・Person A will earn sales rewards! It should be noted that if you build a decent Twitter following while holding the tokens, the platform will reward you for that as well. Basically, there are 3 tiers of ranking upon which an account is rewarded: ・Number of followers for an account ・The percentage at which the following increases ・The rank of tweets in a given time frame One of the primary factors to note here is that upon every single trade, the marked price for a token that is visible to another buyer increases in real time. The ratio for this increment is preset on CryptoFollower’s smart contract. For instance, if a buyer purchases the token for 1 ETH, its price for the next potential buyer will be set as 2 ETH. Let’s say another person buys it for 2 ETH, the value for the next buyer will be 4 ETH. This is fully automated to increase token value and ensure that none of the individuals has an absolute control over it. Before you initiate any trade, please note that 6% of the value of the trade is deducted as transaction fee to pay for the gas and fund the development of the platform. After all, ETH blockchain is expensive to maintain The blockchain Basically, it happens to be a ledger, a very secure one indeed, which is mutually shared by all the parties involved in a transaction. It must be noted that no one can programmatically make any amendments into its values or operational dependencies. In our platform, we use blockchain to maintain ledgers for the public in order to provide an utmost level of transparency. Essentially, it eliminates the need for any third party software that may be required for payment processing. Apart from maintaining records, this robust solution ensures that anonymity is also implemented as a default measure by the system. It implies that the system does not mention the details of two individuals involved in any transaction if they do not want to disclose their identity. There is a string of code (i.e., address) associated with each account and that is your identity on our network. They just launched the website – what’s coming up? The venture seems to be getting a decent support from Twitter account owners who have millions of users in following and that is truly impressive, given that they are new and just launched their website. Let’s shed some light on the future prospects and how they aim to offer feasibility to the crypto community. ・Towards the mid of December 2018, when the presale session for CryptoFollowers ends, they aim to launch web and Android apps while opening up public sales as well ・Even though an iOS is still under development, a launch date will be decided later after evaluating the statistic of the Android and web apps ・In February and March, they are aiming at rolling out their first post-launch updates for the web/android and iOS apps, respectively Well, if you look at the roadmap here, it is pretty basic and does not throw ‘bulky promises’, which is indeed a good sign for the authenticity of the venture. There are not trying to overwhelm the newbies here. It looks like the team is more interested in taking the business step by step and test user response, instead of taking big leaps and falling in the pit. From the standpoint of an ordinary person, more inclined towards using and building following on Twitter, CryptoFollowers Dapp seems like a decent bet.
CryptoFollowers is a simple game where you can buy tokens (the payment is though Ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency) and there is actually some strategy in the game. Trade history are made public so everything is very transparent. Also, available tokens are geared to actual account data of Twitter so rankings can take place at anytime. This is a fun way to earn more Ethereum!
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