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Learn to trade with Bitcoin before investing real money

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Chances are you've heard about Bitcoin, but what are the chances you actually traded with it? with CryptoCoinBits you can start trading for free with a virtual account and learn all you need about other CryptoCurrencies, each has it's own page, description, graphs and more.

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Avishay Ovadia
Avishay Ovadia@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
Hey Roy, Looks awesome. I'm missing an option to see my remaining Bitcoins on my wallet chart. Meaning that if I want to trade only 3 BTC for Alts and the other 2 to keep on BTC as part of my crypto basket.
Roy Zoaretz
Roy ZoaretzMaker@roy_zoaretz · CTO
@avishayovadia thank you, it will be implemented in the next version.