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CryptoBots is a blockchain-based game to find out whose bots army is the best. Info about the bots is stored on the Ethereum network, and the rules of the game are governed by several smart contracts. The bottom line of the game is quite simple: Build the best Bot army in the world.

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  • Daniel Kiedrowski
    Daniel KiedrowskiCode Ninja | Game Developer | AI Wizard

    Simple and easy sign up. Nice graphics!


    The UX is a little limited sometimes. I would love more immediate feedback in some of the processes that are running and why.

    CryptoBots is fun. It's a little bit expensive though. I currently have around 8 bots and are renting them out for manufacturing to get my invest back to buy another bot or start fighting. This might take some time, since there are way more bots, then there are players, there is no shortage and the manufacturing prices are way lower than the costs for buying a robot.

    Anyway, I get a little technical here. It's fun. :D

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @cryptobots please tell us more about your grand vision for CryptoBots - sounds really exciting!
SIMON SHIHAREVMaker@cryptobots · A BlockChain-based game to find out who
@abadesi Thank you for your interest! Our plans is HUGE! We are going to make fancy bots, customized bots, develop battles, launch update and recycle mechanics release and etc.
Simon Shiharev
Simon ShiharevMaker@ilimer · CEO,
@abadesi there is small doc about our first look to things that we want to make better in blockchain games In general, we are game development company and we want to make game be more like a game ^)