Create your personal coin for your bookings

Easily issue your own crypto-token for your bookings. Issuing your own cryptocurrency have now become as easy as clicking a button.

Cryptobookie immortalizes your bookings in your own currency on the blockchain. This creates an eternal, unchangeable record of your bookings - without fear of forgery or fraud.

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I'm a co-founder of Hexel, which lets anyone create their own currency. This product directly copied the text from our website, not to mention that they're trying to build something we've already made. Their FAQ didn't even bother to clean up and replace "Hexel" from our site...
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@dantelex You literally copy pasted the entire FAQ from our site. I'm not really talking about the booking stuff. Although everything described on your website regarding booking can also be done on Hexel.
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@dantelex It's worse because it's not genuine. With anyone copy/pasting from another site, especially in crypto, the product tends to vastly underdeliver.