Satoshi and Bitcoin quotes in 100+ currencies in real time is a place to discover quotes of Satoshis and Bitcoin in 100+ currencies at real time. The value transfer of Satoshis is powered by Lightning Network.
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Hello everyone! We did a survey in India and found the majority of the population is yet to hear or experience Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. Upon discovery, we found that 1. many have not tried it because there is a belief that Bitcoin has to be owned as a whole which is expensive today. 2. buying Crypto is still an inconvenient experience as it deals with complex tech and riskier to lose funds. To address this we have created on the lightning network where people can buy Bitcoin as low as 1 dollar or 1 rupee. By this, people can now experience Bitcoin for the first time without spending much. We believe crypto adoption can be driven through as it is a low-risk experiment for people in terms of value and can get the full experience of how to be part of this economy and technology. would like to be the go-to app for first-time users. Idea is to enable buying Bitcoin as low as 1 dollar or 1 rupee. Today, you can discover prices of Bitcoin or Satoshis in 100+ currencies in real time and you can claim 200 free satoshis as part of the launch. Payment integration is pending due to non-support of banks to Crypto businesses in India.

Soon create an app for IOS users.


Transparency and user-friendly UI.


Not as this moment