Crypto Takeovers

Predict and conquer the world. Make a crypto fortune.


Predict trends & develop winning strategies to dominate a prediction-driven game on the blockchain!

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Bounties guy

I love this game... the idea is so novel and does such an interesting job of creating prediction markets around google trends for cities.


A really cool and unique incentive game, does a great job of incorporating the real world into a crypto game.


Still early- low volume.

the:gist co-founder
NAKA Marketing Consulting

Ethereum games will bring blockchain tech to the masses! The other crypto games are gonna have to keep up with this one, once it starts gaining speed. Really easy, and understandable concept.

Would love to see a google map/globe where you can see plots that have been taken. Would be cool if after you buy the location, there is more info about the location, maybe plot owners get a bit of dashboard and see google trends. Makes get the itch to travel!

Overall very neat idea.


Easy to understand concept and game mechanics. UI/UX and onboarding for a crypto app is smooth, and simple. Not many steps. Personalization!


Still to early to tell


My ether is currently locked so I can't try it ... but I'm trying to get me some to experiment.


Innovative, interesting application of "prediction markets"