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It's an easy project to start, a PH/HN/Reddit for Crypto but a much more difficult one to maintain and I suspect many people don't really think about it/understand that. A (very) similar project, CryptoBuzz launched a month ago, using the framework but it seems that activity is LOW. last post 5 days ago, before that 9 days, 20+ etc For these communitities to work, there needs to be a reason for people to come back daily, post links and comment. I fear that there are already so many places for crypto-enthusiasts to communicate (Facebook Groups, Slack, Forums, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter) that adding another place to discuss things is very difficult. @lukemhamilton would love your thoughts on this as you launched CryptoBuzz previously :)
Thanks @bentossell for sharing here. You are right building and maintaining are two very different ball games. But this is just one of the many projects I have planned under the same umbrella. Since I am anyway fully involved in Crypto-currencies these days, it would be relatively easier for me than someone else doing it part time. At the end it's for the community, by the community. So let's see how things pan out. Would definitely like some suggestions or feedback though. :)
Agree with @bentossell
Upvoted you guys! This is really great!, Complimentary to: Crypto Market Analysis, Predictions & Investment stats. Feel free to let me know your feedback on product:
This is fantastic! well done
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