Crypto Squad

Create and manage crypto pools


Crypto Squad is an easy way to create and manage crypto pools. Early crypto enthusiasts all over the world are investing on behalf of friends and family. We help them manage this process with automatic accounting and a payment gateway for contributors. Further we let them trade between 130 currencies using our integrated exchange

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Abhinav Chhikara
Abheyraj Singh
Faisal Ali Younas
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  • Pros: 

    Great way of getting exposure to crypto by piggybacking on your mates who know more than you do.


    It only works with people you know, would love to see a version where you can follow expert's portfolios.

    Like a lot of people, I felt that crypto was one of those things that I wanted to be part of, but I didn't necessarily do the research. I used to email my friend (who knows a tonne!) for tips on what to get in on, and would wire him money to buy it for me. Cryptosquad has made this process a lot easier and more transparent. As much as I trust my mate, it's great to have full transparency over what he's doing with my money. I've been using the product for about 5 months now, and would recommend.

    Anne Marie Droste has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    V simple interface, easy to use and can trade directly form the platform. transparent portfolio management


    lack of mobile version

    Overall great product with direct access to thousands of tokens. Easy trade execution. Very fast and convenient to use. Gives visibility of the fund performance over time and by the % share of the initial investment. Highly recommend!

    Oleg Kurochka has used this product for one year.