Crypto Sportz

Decentralized sports betting using Ethereum 🏀⚽️🏈⚾️

Crypto Sportz is the first functioning decentralized platform powering wagers between sports fans using blockchain technology.

We built it so that everyone can have an easy and secure way to make bets on their favourite teams.

All you have to do is pick your game, pick your team, pick the outcome and collect Ether when you guess correctly!

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m the founder of Crypto Sportz. The whole team is ecstatic to be sharing our platform with you. It’s the product of many long days, nights and weekends. The idea was born from a Whatsapp group chat with some friends where we regularly trash talk each other about sports, namely soccer. Bets were often made about whether Real Madrid would beat UCL, would Liverpool get to top 4, etc. But these bets were never paid out! We needed an easy way to make bets with each other, and as blockchain developers we decided to create a platform for people just like us who were fans of sports as well as cryptocurrencies. Why the blockchain? For starters--decentralization. No data or user information is stored anywhere, and users interact directly with the blockchain instead of a centralized agent like a bookie, or a "house". Everything is done peer-to-peer and users from all over the world can wager each other if their teams are playing against one another. Transparency was another big point and blockchain as well as the openness of smart contracts certainly provide that. Every user can see his or her bets and those of the other peers on the platform. We have an international team of sports fans coming from backgrounds like tech, marketing, and management, and together we created this platform. We launched our beta in time for the Super Bowl and have since been working hard to refine the platform and grow our user base. Lastly, because we are not a bookmaker or a house and simply help fans to connect directly on the blockchain, the structure of the bets we power is called Parimutuel betting --bet are pooled together in the smart contract, and if you predict correctly you will receive ETH proportionally to your bet amount alongside everyone else that made the same prediction, splitting the ETH of those who predicted incorrectly. Our feature here on Product Hunt means a lot to us. We would love for you to try out Crypto Sportz. You can use real MainNet ETH or Ropsten TestNet ETH, and give us feedback here or in our Telegram group. The user experience is our top priority so we welcome any and all of your feedback!
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An excellent platform peer to peer and full transpacy, making everything safe and quick for the users. Best user experience that can be asked.


Low fee, High quality, Fresh and attractive design, Helpful Team Members, Easy to use, A lot of trend matches, Ethereum,


Just need to gather more traffic

I'm a big sports guy and I usually bet with my friends on different NBA games. One of my friends told me about this platform and I was pretty skeptical at first. But it really does what it claims do: it removes the middleman (bookies) and allows you to make bets - no nonsense. Every step of the process, from placing a wager to receiving winnings, is handled by the 'smart contract'. It took a lot of learning on my part... I was a complete noobie with anything crypto. Overall, very glad I found this platform. Payouts received promptly, low fees, and no shadiness on their end.


Easy even if you're new to crypto

Payouts made on time, no sketchiness so far

Low fee

Bet on all the biggest basketball/soccer games


Not the biggest selection of sports, but they seem willing to add whatever is popular

@oscarlarsson Close! We're actually powered by Ethereum :)
Congrats on the launch guys! What was the inspiration behind creating Crypto Sportz?
@daviswbaer it was a combination of a few things.. Decentralized human experiences as a whole for sure. Where you can defer tasks normally done by a human (with a high propensity for bias) to a completely unbiased - a smart contract. Crypto Kitties were a great inspiration because they proved that you CAN get people to use Crypto in ways other than HODLing. They also pioneered the ETH721 protocol which we use as well. But the biggest inspiration was a Whatsapp group with some fellow soccer fans and university friends that was used primarily for banter and sport discussion. Often times bets were made in this group but rarely honoured. So the fit of blockchain and decentralization was just too perfect to ignore.