Crypto Reef

Donate Crypto, build a virtual reef, support real reefs. 🐠

Crypto Reef is a collectible game project raising money for charities that support healthy oceans. Every time someone donates they get a new guppy added to their reef which is also a unique ERC-721 collectible token on the Ethereum Blockchain.
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9 Reviews5.0/5
That logo is OUT. OF. CONTROL. cute. @cupojoseph
@elizabethhunker I didn't make it, but it is one of the randomly generated creatures you can get on your reef. Thank you!!!

Giving to a good cause and also supporting emerging tech are always a good combo


It gives money to a good cause Its aesthetic is cute


Needs more fish

Literally the best use-case for crypto NFT tokens right now. Donating to a good cause. This has everything thats good about crypto
@pi0neerpat Thanks for the support Patrick! We think so too

Great job!


Simple and easy to use!


Would love to see other's reefs, but its not a big issue.

Do the charities get the donations in USD or crypto?
@alexander_mericola We convert all the ETH to fiat (USD) and send to charities at the end of the month. This project will mostly support More info in the FAQ on the homepage: and on our process in the forbes article: