Crypto Lite

A quick way to check the top-100 cryptocurrencies price

Crypto Lite is a lo-fi solution to check the top-100 cryptocurrencies price on the go πŸƒ

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2 Reviews5.0/5
When it comes to checking cryptocurrencies prices, I usually rely on CoinMarketCap. The main problem is that the page is bloated with ads (ICOs that I don’t care, etc), so I decided to create a quick & simple lo-fi solution, focused on to be easier to scan content on the go and save data consumption on mobile. There are a lot of people who often checks CoinMarketCap so I decided to share Crypto Lite, maybe it can be useful to some :) Any feedback is welcomed πŸ‘‹
The only thing I see missing is a sorting functionality. Would be nice if you could click on a table label and sort the list by that property. Bonus points if it remembers what sorting you use and display that every time you visit the page. It would be very useful if you could sort the list by "Variation" and see the top currency to increase its value in the last time period.
@hristiyandodov Thanks for the suggestion, that can be an interesting feature :)